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The Blood Moon Hype

My fellow Christians,

There’s been lot of hype lately about the “blood moons and the end times”. Jesus said, “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” (see Matthew 24:36). So, rather than everyone turning into armchair prophets this year, why don’t we tell people about the salvation Jesus offers and leave the travel arrangements up to the Father? If our time is short then so be it … which means we should GET BUSY (see Acts 1:11) and share the things Jesus commanded us to do.

Sometimes, it is very easy to miss the MAIN thing because we are so focused on the “supporting things”.  The main thing is that people need JESUS, and without Him they are going to hell.  Let’s focus on the main thing and let the details be sorted out by the One who is in charge.  God bless you!

~ Rev TJ

Remember When?

What I stand for!

I’m reminded of a time when the United States was a super-power to be reckoned with in the world (ex: Reagan taking office and Iran releasing our citizens (aka hostages) because they knew a real leader was not about to play games with their Ayatollah).  I remember when the United States did not tolerate terrorists nor would they allow such reprehensible acts of inhumanity to exist like we are witnessing LIVE on television in Egypt this week (ex: Christian homes and shops being marked and specifically attacked).   I remember when the nation’s highest office didn’t have to have the media spin for him so that respect would be shown; it was automatically given because the man in the chair had credibility.  I remember when United States servicemen were honored for their service and not beaten and left for dead in a parking lot.  I remember when I could go to a ballgame (like the one I’m going to tonight and yes, I’m being prophetic here) and American citizens would stand up, put their hand over their heart, and either sing along or SHUT UP during the playing of our National Anthem.

Just for the record … I served 20 years defending a Republic that I would (and still will) gladly give my life for because I was, and STILL am, a Patriot.    

So what’s different today?  Today our leaders finance the enemies of this nation and bow down before them in treasonous fashion.  (How?  By placating those with evil in their hearts by attempting to ensure that “everyone gets a piece of what they didn’t earn”).  Today we live in a country where everyone gets a trophy just for showing up, children are not disciplined by their parents, and settling for mediocrity and aspiring to never succeed is applauded as, “you tried”.  Today, Americans are more concerned with “number 1” then striving to be good citizens and make America a better place to live.

Personally, I’m very saddened and sick of the cesspool we have created all in the name of self-gratification and leading with the attitude, “Hey, it ain’t affecting me so who cares?”

Maybe – just maybe – it might be time to run for office or at the least get behind someone who shares my vision and support them with everything I can.  Let me just say for the record (and I know the internet is forever) that if I were to ever become President my first order would be:  To sign a Presidential Order revoking ALL Presidential privilege and releasing EVERY document to the media which was previously hidden from public view.  You want transparency?  There you go.

Joel 2:12 commands us to “return to me (God) …” and I think the word return needs to read: “run at break-neck speed … before it’s too late”.  I pray God would have mercy on our country and its total lack of integrity, conviction, and honor.

Everyone matters.

Wow. What if you could see inside people’s hearts and understand what they are feeling BEFORE you judged them or worse … before we simply ignored them?

Take 4 minutes and check this out …