Just another investigation? Maybe …

Every day I am less and less surprised by the way we treat one another. What is really cracking my skull today is the witch-hunt that is underway against Carrie Prejean because she spoke her mind and answered the whole “traditional marriage” question honestly. Now, the “dirt” (I am speaking directly to the one who has raised it) has risen to surface and continues to attempt to tear this lady down.

So, she posed for a few pictures as a young wanna-be model (see: http://tinyurl.com/cha242). Now, let me be clear and say that I cannot say I approve of the action, but it’s over and done with and who am I to judge anyone? Should she have disclosed that fact to the California committee on her application? Of course … so let’s slap the wrist and move on. But today there is a media whirlwind which has every news station broadcasting live updates from this “committee” that is meeting to determine if she keeps her crown awarded in California. Seriously, is this really breaking news? Or, is this particular nonsense more backlash from her answer to traditional marriage during the Miss USA Pageant? It is certainly worth asking the question, in my humble opinion.

Personally, I pray that her faith remains strong, and they she does not compromise from the pressure of the media; and by all accounts she is staying the course. To that I say, “Well done my sister, well done indeed.”


One thought on “Just another investigation? Maybe …

  1. Yes, she is being persecuted for her “traditional marriage” answer and her beliefs. I’m not sure she should have needed to disclose the photo shoot to the judges of Miss California. Why? She did not actually show any part of her body that would most likely fall into the nude or semi-nude catagory. Dove has done a more “graphic” spread of women of all ages and used it on television and magazines. Unfortunately, I see all types of people using her. Did you notice she made an appearance on the Dove Awards show? I don’t want to see her being blinded by the fame that she forgets her value system and the real prize we are to set our eyes on.

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