Time to breathe?

Well, lots to talk about but just not sure where to begin. I am going to just be honest here so bear with me ….. I am just about at my wits end with all the nonsense going on around me.

Between dealing with needless drama, to a workload that is wearing me out, to the continual church stuff, to school requirements that would make anyone wring their hands, and to everything else that is in between I wonder when something is going to stop and I am going to be able to just breathe. I’ve heard many people say that they “need a vacation”, and I am beginning to think that they may really be onto something there. To need a vacation is to have a condition requiring relief to acquiring a break from the norm; to move away from the junk and allow oneself to simply breathe. I realized this morning that it has been almost 4 years since I have had a vacation. To me, I am wondering when this is going to happen or when I am going to find the time to do so.

One day? Maybe.


Your thoughts?

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