Following in the tradition of some friends, today is SSS (which stands for Stats Suck Sunday — but I am not sure I am real crazy about the name – LOL). Anyway, here are my thoughts for today:

  • It’s Father’s Day. Time for “Dad” to sit back, relax, and enjoy himself all while the house is filled with an air of silence and a fresh aroma of Febreeze. Yeah … right. (LOL) At any rate, Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there, and most especially to my Dad who is still my hero.
  • My son came in this morning and offered to take us to the movies today, his treat, to see “Up”. Lisa is still recovering from surgery and I have to teach tonight so we are gonna rain check that offer — but man, what an AWESOME kid to even consider it.
  • This was a real trying week and well, I am hoping for a better one this coming week.
  • School is wearing me down, but hey, I am officially half-way through my Master’s degree so it cannot be all that bad. Can it???
  • Lastly, we made the decision this week to go “back out” into the mission field and leave the comfort zone of a church we love, in search of new ministry work. We sure could use your prayers in this endeavor as we seek the Lord and follow His leading for our lives.

Well, that is all I can think of for now. May God bless you in a mighty way this week.


Your thoughts?

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