July 5, 2009

OK, so I am a day late on this one but hey … yesterday was a good day of relaxing and getting stuff done around here so I took advantage of it! Ha!! So, here is the latest submission for SSS, cheers!

– This past week has been a bit stressful getting things ready for my brother to move down, but in the long run we are really looking forward to having him here.

– Work is work, and who can complain in this economy? (Not me — I’m thankful that I am employed and that God is providing in every way possible.)

– I found out some things about folks this week that have really disturbed me, and well, I am just not sure how to handle it all right now. I know the Lord is in control, but when people rebel totally against Him He will let them “have it their way”. Prayerfully (in my humble opinion), heads will be removed from dark places (in the rear of body’s) prior to heads having to roll because of the willful disobedience. Prayerfully.

– The Master’s degree is one more class closer to being finished, and it looks like a March graduation for my Master’s (since I have to take a 3 week break after this next class is finished.)

– Did I tell ya? Lisa and I booked a weekend away to go to New Orleans 2 weeks from this coming weekend; so much to look forward too there!!

– The garage sale prep work is continuing, looks like its gonna be a GREAT sale this coming Sat here at the house.

– Lastly, still visiting churches but I got a note saying that my resume is now on file with the Alabama State Board of Missions; so we’ll see what comes from that as God leads.

Be blessed my friends and have a great week!


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