September 6, 2009

Well, here it is, another week has come and gone and I am actually not believing that it is already September. Time is really flying by and well, I am actually happy about it. So, here are this weekend’s closing thoughts and ramblings about the past and coming week for you to chew on. Hopefully, I don’t prattle along like a 5 year old.

– The health-care stuff in this nation is getting to be ridiculous; so glad I am part of an “angry mob” where there is a like-minded refusal to be told what to do by talking heads who are drunk with assumed power.

– You ever notice that some of the nicest folks can be found at gas stations along the highway? I have. Say hello to people, you might receive a blessing!

– Went to Huntsville yesterday to perform the wedding for Pete Frambach and Linda Haynes. It was a complete blessing to me to be a part of their joyous day, and one that I will never forget.

– So, after driving up there on Sat and coming back today, I have packed my bag to head to DC tomorrow (yes, on Labor Day) for a 3-day trip. Ugh. Then, I am home for four days and head out again to San Antonio, TX for work. September? What? When?

– I still miss my dog, Lucy. Some days go by uneventful, but others really tear my heart up (like watching football without her at my feet sharing peanuts). Hate that.

– The new job is really taking off and it looks like there are some real challenges ahead as well as some opportunities to to make a difference for the Air Force. Good stuff of course, just real busy with a steep learning curve.

– I’ve discovered that some shows just put me to sleep no matter what I do to fight it. (Programs on Lifetime are usually the biggest offenders here.)

– My grass really needs to be cut, but I haven’t the time nor the energy to get it done. Not too mention the rain we have gotten lately has made it tough to cut, but I ain’t complaining.

– School starts up again this week — 24 short weeks from graduating with my Masters … finally. Been thinking about signing up for Seminary next year; still rolling it over and debating the pros and cons.

– Lastly, people in this country need to know that there are actually others out there who are part of the human race and care about them. Take the time this week to hug a stranger or just buy someone lunch — you never know what rewards will come from it because you were willing.


Your thoughts?

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