September 13, 2009

What a busy week this has turned out to be!! I am shocked more and more with the amount of work that this new job is bringing on, and well, it ain’t easy trying to get up to speed on 10 years of missed data inside of 2 weeks! Ouch!! At any rate, here’s some thoughts to consider from the past week … my oh my how time flies!

– This weekend I listened to coverage of the DC Tea Party as well as Obama’s speech in Minnesota (which he decided was more important than hearing American citizens on his own front lawn). Still wondering if anyone is going to tell him that he’s won the election so he can actually LEAD and therefore STOP CAMPAIGNING?!?

– Headed to San Antonio today for another trip of work. Good thing is, I am on leave Thursday and Friday and Lisa will be in town as well and we are visiting family. To be honest, I am DYING for some Taco Cabana breakfast tacos and this week …… IT IS ON!

– Had a trip this past Mon-Wed to DC for a meeting that never really happened, but at least we were there to ensure our program was spoken for and that nothing bad could be said about us. In all honesty, that was the best part.

– Spent more than 10 hours at work on Thursday and 11 hours on Friday and well, I am still dead tired.

– Sigh … then … on Friday my laptop crashed (which is my normal work computer) and took out 5 years worth of data. I had a backup, but had removed it from my removable hard drive to make room for others to use since they were getting new computers; and I never did another one. 5 years, gone. Honestly, it’s like my first day at work. PEOPLE – DO A BACKUP AND DO ONE OFTEN!! That is all I can offer here (grumble … grumble … grumble).

– Have I mentioned that work is wearing me out? Yeah … I think you get the picture.

– In other news, I had a great meeting with another Pastor this week and discussed many things as well as some opportunities in their church. Still listening to God to see what He wants us to do, but I do believe things are becoming clearer and with God’s leadership and counsel I think we are about to see some real peace in this area. It is my belief 100% that God is in control, and after talking with another brother who is in Iraq (love ya Shon, praying for you) I honestly can see God at work in all things in this church. To be honest I am excited to see God’s hand at work and bring about using our family for His glory.

– Next Friday (the 25th) I am headed to Illinois for a Men’s Retreat that I just cannot wait for. It is on the book “Courageous Leadership” by Bill Hybels and this sets the tone and the pace for the coming year for No Greater Love Ministries (see:

Anyway, enough rambling for now as I can smell that the coffee is ready! Here’s to praying that your week would blessed and that you would have the peace of the Lord in all things. God bless you friends and patriots.



One thought on “September 13, 2009

  1. I don't want you to think I'm ignoring you or your blog, but I am in NO way politically minded or a sports fan. So…I really have nothing worthwhile to say. I do however read what you tweet and write, even if I don't always "get it" ;)

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