October 6, 2009 – A random rant

So, the lawn mower decided to be difficult this past weekend and now it’s in the shop for a few days. And of course, yesterday I had to get a new battery for my truck after being told by a Wal-Mart associate that the battery was fine. Heh … Did you know that the guy at Auto Zone (who I had re-check my battery on a hunch) actually suggested that Wal-Mart pays its employees in crack because he obviously had no idea what he was talking about? (That was a funny moment though …)

Then, there is always my favorite news which has the Administration being confused over what to do in Afghanistan; even though every military advisor is clearly spelling it out. Geesh, do the Democrats have a play book or something or do they just read the Nixon memo’s for how to screw up the US military? Grrrr!!!

Anyway, yeah … rant over now. :-)


Your thoughts?

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