You think Halloween is scary? Try the House Health Bill!

(Credit Sean Hannity newsletter – 30 October 2009)

House Health Bill – A Whopping 1,990 Pages!

The new House health care bill contains almost twice the number of pages than The Bible and weighs more than 5 pounds! The House bill, which was unveiled yesterday, weighs in at a jaw dropping 1,990 pages { Full text of bill can be downloaded here }.

Sean, who perused the massive document this morning, noticed a few important things. “The one important promise Obama gave that you get to keep your health insurance if you want is false,” Sean said. “Go to pages 92 and 18 and you’ll find some frightening language in there that I guarantee you no one in the media is going to pick up on.” Medical devices, such as hearing aids or knee replacements, now come with a 2.5% excise tax. There is also a new tax on health savings accounts and the elimination of non-taxable reimbursements of over the counter medication! “This is great stuff isn’t it?” Sean said sarcastically.

Republican Rep. Joe Barton had the quote of the day when he said the bill is “about four reams of paper” that add up to the American public “getting reamed.”


Your thoughts?

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