November 1, 2009

Another week has passed us by and I have to admit it was pretty good.

One item I have become acutely aware of is the countdown is really on until I retire from the Air Force. As of today I have 8 months and 29 days left of active duty service, and it is really time to start looking for a new job and getting things prepared for the “next life”. I must confess that I am looking forward to officially being retired from the Air Force, but more excited to see what God is going to do next with me. Along the same front I am 17 weeks from completing my Master’s degree and to be honest, I am about ready to be finished with school for a while.

I have been chatting a bit with our Pastor about getting involved in some opportunities in ministry at the church. We were talking last night at the Harvest Festival (which by the way was a spectacular outreach event) and I was mentioning how privileged I was to be able to preach for him the last three weeks. He confirmed that I would be doing more in the future and personally, many know that I love to preach so this was a joy to hear and to know I would continue to be used for God’s purpose in this church. While I am now certain God is not calling me to pastor at this time, He is telling me that I need to be involved in ministry work and ensuring that I work to help proclaim the Gospel to a world that is in dire need.

You see, it is becoming abundantly clear to me through how God is confirming, that there are some real opportunities to be involved in ministry work right where He has me and I simply need to DIVE IN!! Over the past year I have really seen a change in the way I think about ministry work and I feel that the path God has us on is about to begin something new and rewarding for Him. I confess that I can never counsel or understand the mind of the Lord, but there is a reason why we were brought back to this church and as a family we are feeling more and more comfortable with each passing week. Personally, I just thank the Lord that He is still willing to use even me, for His glory.

Tomorrow I am headed to Nashville to attend a conference for work and am looking forward, even now, to being back home on Friday. Also, speaking of being home this morning we celebrated at church the return of Shon Scott after being deployed for a year and it was really good to see him and his family together at church. God is so good at answering prayers, and we are thankful for His answering this one on behalf of our entire church body.

Anyway, that is about all that is new here. I am praying that God would bless you this week and may you always be on the lookout for chances to share Jesus with someone.


Your thoughts?

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