Pre vs. Blackberry vs. Yours?

I’m just going to say this for the record: I’m looking at my Palm Pre and my Blackberry sitting side by side on my desk and I am honestly beginning to miss using my Blackberry … big time.

The Pre is a good phone and all, but really, other than the Wi-Fi option (so I can use it in the house here in the “sticks”) I just cannot seem to find anything else spectacular that drives me to the Pre. The photo clarity on the Blackberry was so much better, not too mention I could record video if I wanted too. The support is the same online from both companies and there are loads of communities out there filled with users who will help and argue for or against both; but to be honest right now I am just not sure which is the right phone for me. And oh yeah … the keyboard was also easier to use with my Fred Flintstone-sized hands and well, I’m just torn right now.

What about you? Is there a particular phone that you prefer?


2 thoughts on “Pre vs. Blackberry vs. Yours?

  1. I don't know what I 'prefer'. I can only have the phone that fits within our budget, and at this time, the only touch screen on our plan (AT&T)I liked was the Samsung Eternity. It's ok for what I need it to do (mainly be a phone and text.) Internet was not part of the budget. I'm sure my phone would be much more fun if I had internet on it.

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