Who are we afraid of offending?

I’m really confused folks …

Why do we have two lists to protect the airlines from “this or that” threat? We have a no fly list (Click Here) … and we have a terror watch list (Click Here)? Why not have one list that says if you are on it, your Visa into the US is automatically denied and you do NOT get onto a plane headed for the United States.

Who are we afraid of offending here? The bad guys? Seriously?

If anyone is on any kind of a watch or terror list, they need to be denied entry into the United States, period. Why is Secretary Napolitano spending her time making excuses for why this latest terror suspect was allowed onto a plane? Why spend time on the news programs (being handled with kid gloves of course) trying to justify your comment that the “system actually worked”? True, you were able to notify those other planes in the air and airports that there was an immediate threat … but what if that warning didn’t have to be made because of a denial of access onto an international Delta flight headed into Detroit?

Come on you fools …. change the precautions from being gentle and simply deny access across the board. Madam secretary, who’s team are we playing for here? I fly once a month somewhere in the country and believe me, I won’t mind the extra few minutes to remove some knucklehead from the airport because he is on this list and cannot get on the plane. How about we stop playing one move behind the bad guys (being reactive) and actually be proactive in the protection of our nation?

When will we learn????


2 thoughts on “Who are we afraid of offending?

  1. I have been disturbed by this since the news broke. T, you fly a lot, I fly a lot. You know what I'm gonna' say…I have red hair and freckles. My name is Bridget Marshall, I'm a woman, for crying out loud, yet I get screened, and I mean SCREENED, full body, hands-where-they-shouldn't-be screened EVERY TIME I FLY while Mohammed Jahabi Shoebomber snakes his way through the area untouched. We see Muslims being handled with PC anti-profiling gloves and all of us at the security checkpoint become a little more aware of our surroundings. I'm not surprised he flew out of Amersterdam, that place is one hedonistic mecca, but we have people working there who check the visas. Why wasn't his visa pulled? He was on a list. Well, because it wasn't the REALLY BAD LIST? Who cares? Pull the visa and let him appeal it IN PERSON at a hearing. Last I checked, the whole concept of a visa was because it is a privilege, not a right, to step on US soil. To quote my girl Annie Coulter, "not all muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are muslims".

  2. What's also sad is the hundreds on that plane will have that flight forever in their head. Messing with their own sense of security! You both said it. Who are we afraid of hurting? I am sick. and. tired. of having to be PC. Certain people make my radar go off. Period. Could be white. Could be purple. Could be Baptist. Could be Buddhist. Could be….Why should they be so ticked off at being questioned or searched. It is for their safety & peace of mind, as well as their fellow passengers. It is for all of us not against any one of us. When are "they" going to get it???We remove drunks. We remove mothers with unruly children. We search older people who have trouble getting their shoes off, let alone back on. We search little kids backpacks. We throw away anything over 3 oz in size. Get rid of 2 lists. One list. No fly. No maybe. No fly.

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