The iPod Touch

Lately, I have been having touch screen withdrawals since changing back from the Pre to my Blackberry (go ahead and laugh, I laughed too), but sadly I’m not eligible for an upgrade right now to any new phones. I still have my Pre but ya know, that keyboard size and battery life really makes me sad and so we are not gonna do down that road again … but I think I have found some common ground here that might just fill a need as well.

I am looking at a getting an iPod Touch (the 8GB version cause that’s about all I will need) mainly because I need a new iPod (my Nano is over 5 yrs old and about had it with scratches, dents, and some operational glitches here and there) and well, I think the Touch might meet several things at once including having WiFi for applications and giving me access to the much talked about, “Words with Friends”. Obviously, I would have to keep my Blackberry as my cell phone since the Touch does not have a phone (or camera) on it. As info, I cannot get an iPhone (due to our service commitment with Sprint) so that is just not an option.

So, here’s my questions: Does anyone have an iPod touch? Do you like it? Is it worth the $199 price tag that it has? How is it carrying that AND a cell phone around with you? Too cumbersome? Really annoying? Can’t live without it? Prior to investing a couple hundred dollars into this device I’d like to get some opinions from folks who have it and who might be able to shed some light on my thinking.



One thought on “The iPod Touch

  1. I've only had my ipod touch for a week, but I've enjoyed it so far. For me the whole carrying it around thing is not a big deal. I'm a girl, I carry a purse ;) Like you, I'm not up for a phone change for another year, and like you, the ipod touch fills in the gaps. I do like the apps, but haven't downloaded many. So far I have words with friends (which I LOVE), the Starbucks app (because I drink too much coffee), and the skee ball app (cause I'm a dork.) The only thing I'm kind of bummed about is the wifi thing. I thought I would be able to access the internet say…outside my kids school while waiting for them to get out, but I can't. Public places with wifi work fine, and in my house. The iphone, as far as I know, has internet everywhere. That's the only plus I can see. As far as price goes, we printed out a coupon for Best Buy, and they are always the same price at Costco (as we paid with coupon…$187 I think.) Marissa and I are enjoying ours. I'm bummed that I can't just take everything out of my current ipod and switch it to the itouch. Only what's in my itunes music library. Not a huge deal though, just an inconvenience. Hope that helps, and I look forward to possible playing you at words with friends. Kyle Ray is currently slaughtering me!

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