2010 Indy 500 Ministry Preparations

This evening, I find myself eagerly waiting for another chance to go and spread the Gospel and to serve the Lord with gladness WAY out of my comfort zone. Tomorrow morning at about 4:30 am I will depart from my home and drive to Indianapolis, IN for evangelistic work with No Greater Love Ministries (http://www.nogreaterlove.org) at the Indy 500. This year I’ve been afforded the privilege to preach to our assembly of men on Sunday morning, and to me there is nothing greater than to be with this group and have my own life refined, sharpened, and strengthened so that I can return a better husband, father, and pastor. I will be posting pictures to my Twitter account (located at http://twitter.com/revconwell) throughout the weekend. If I could though, please allow me to give a small preview of the trip so that you can pray as the Lord leads.

On Friday night we have some fellowship time, then an opportunity to go out into the streets and minister around the track. Saturday has a great parade in Indianapolis and we get to work the crowd with simple clown skits, one on one witnessing, and passing tracts. Truly, the time spent at this parade has been my personal favorite for years because of the incredible family environment we get to experience as well as the inhabitance of the Holy Spirit in the ministry work.

Saturday night we see a totally different crowd out on Georgetown Road, which is located directed outside of the race track. This crowd is meaner, tougher to talk too, and is really only there to party all night and wait for the race the following day. I’ve always described this to be a totally different crowd than we see at Mardi Gras for one primary reason: in New Orleans there are literally hundreds of distractions to go along with our preaching the Word; but at the Indy 500 there is the party crowd and their alcohol … and us. However, this gives us an incredible opportunity to be bold in the Lord and to deliver unashamedly to all that will hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul writes in Romans 10:14, “How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?” This one verse always makes me ponder the question, “If we won’t go and proclaim the Gospel, then who will?”

I ask very humbly for your prayers this weekend for traveling mercy for all men that are going and of course that the Holy Spirit would be working in and amongst the crowd to provide fertile ground for the Word to land on. Let us be ministers of the Gospel, let us be representatives of Jesus Christ, and always remember that it is NEVER about us … but ALWAYS about Him!!

God bless you always,
Bro TJ


2 thoughts on “2010 Indy 500 Ministry Preparations

  1. Lord that You would go before these men and prepare the path which You have asked them to travel. That it would be safe but Lord our most sincere desire is that it be fruitful..Lord that these men would find souls willing to hear the gospel and respond to Your amazing grace and the mercy You bestowed to us on the cross. Lord that some that are without You would share int he hope that we have would be amazing. We thank you that we even have this hope to share, for only in You are we able to proclaim a hope worth sharing. amen

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