So, what’s next?

I guess you could truly say this is a rambling post …

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and wondering what the future might hold for me and my family. Many know that I retired from the Air Force and while I know that it was God’s timing, and it was an act of obedience to follow Him in this, I now find myself wondering what the future holds for our family. I do have another job and I am grateful that I have it (to be honest it is quite challenging and keeps me hopping), but I am wondering if this is the path I should continue on for the next 20 years?

My desire (note that I said “my”) is that one day I could be involved in full time ministry and perhaps consult now and then on IT issues, but for now this is the path that we must follow. Sadly though, I am finding it increasingly difficult to spend time doing the hobbies that I once enjoyed (web designing, programming, etc.), but I guess that in this season of transition some of those things might have to go as well. I’ve heard it said before that “this too shall pass”, yet I am certain that whatever the outcome is that the Lord will continue to show us how we must go. But, even with this reassurance it sure doesn’t make things any easier … does it? I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t know what is next — do you?

Thanks for reading.


Your thoughts?

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