Presidential Debate #2, Wrap Up

Much like my review of the first debate, this will be short because there is really a simple way to summarize what I witnessed last night.

For approx 90+ minutes, I watched the President of the United States lie, make up stats, be rude, tactless, and immature. As a Patriot this was incredibly embarrassing to me and to many around our Republic who watched this as well.  President Obama, your record is a joke.  Take your medicine and move on – you’ve had this coming for years because you live in a bubble and it was a shock to your system.

At the conclusion of the second 2012 Presidential debate, Governor Romney clearly took President Obama to task on his countless failures based SOLELY on his failed record as a leader. President Obama tried to appear strong, yet to me it played as ignorant and snooty while feigning concern and demonstrating annoyance that someone would ever question him. It is obvious that David Axelrod has been writing/directing/coaching this nonsense, and here is a news flash: It didn’t work for VP Joe Biden either.

Bottom line:  While this could be virtually declared a tie, Governor Romney has successfully won the first 2 debates.  Friends, patriots, and citizens: Nov 6 is coming and we MUST stay the course!! America deserves better than the last 4 years.

God bless you.


Your thoughts?

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