1 Question for President Obama

I am an American citizen. As such, I am entitled to question my elected officials and to hold them accountable – something that is guaranteed under the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

So, with all the contradicting facts on Benghazi and all the bowing up and speculation of who’s being picked on aside … I have ONE (1) question for the President of the United States:

Who in the White House (according to you, Mr. President, on Nov 14,2012, this is where the information came from) approved the talking points for Susan Rice to appear on all the Sunday morning news programs on Sept 16 and reiterate that “an anti-Muslim video is to blame for the deaths of four (4) Americans”?

THAT is who’s to blame for misleading the American people.  Period.

Mr. President, I await your response as a voter and as a citizen.


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