Women in Combat?


Lots of hoopla has been raised lately regarding the Pentagon lifting the ban to allow women in combat and after chewing on it for several days, I’ve really come to one question that addresses this perfectly:

Should a person enlist to defend his/her country WITHOUT the willingness to die for it?

Men serving … women serving … what’s the difference? In the military you are a soldier first, and speaking as one who served for 20 years gratefully standing on the shoulders of those giants who went before me – your gender doesn’t matter. You get paid the EXACT same in the military, and thus should be able to do the same job.



2 thoughts on “Women in Combat?

  1. I don’t think men are any better than women, however, I do believe that this is a huge mistake. The cynical side of me wants to say give it too them…that’s what they want then let them have it. But then the sensible side of me thinks that this is only something that will endanger more lives simply to “grease the squeaky wheel”. How horrified were we when we saw the news reports where some Taliban group had captured an American Soldier and beheaded them on camera streaming it live over the internet? Now, lets replace that male soldier with a female soldier. We get to hear that not only was she beheaded, but gang raped prior to that, while it was all being streamed live over the internet. Not even to mention the psychological effects that it will have on a unit when they see a female member of their team laying on the ground with her insides spilling out. Yah, its not really worse than if it was a man…not physically, but emotionally? I would think so. In my opinion, women should not be included in active combat roles simply because of the impact that it can have on the rest of their unit. Equal opportunity is fine and dandy, but not when it will put the lives of others at risk. I know it would affect me more to see a female solider shot than it would to see a male soldier. Yah, chivalry is mostly non-existent, but the fact of the matter is it is still ingrained within us…even if we don’t practice it much. But, that’s just my $.02.

  2. I get that bro and I saw your FB post as well on this; my only reply is that we don’t take separate oaths to accept the risk and the danger that comes with serving. Therefore whether in a foxhole, a tent, a tank, or a ship the risk is and ought to be the same.

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