Michelle and I saw the movie “Selma” last night and I’d like to recommend it if you have the time and means to see it. Watching this movie, I could not help but be moved by the amount of effort put forth by these determined citizens in seeking the right to vote (something most take for granted today); having to overcome incredible injustice (take your pick of the news footage examples) and ignorance (the opening scene demonstrates this clearly) of the actual laws of 1965.

I have to admit, what moved me most about this movie was the honesty in which the characters were truthfully based on their own actions, words, and deeds of the day … despite a small chorus of voices declaring that this movie is a farce and does not accurately represent this person or that. The internet is forever, and with a simple search you too can validate if what was said in the movie is what a person actually said during this time. There is no excusing it, so just accept it, deal with it, and move forward. (//rant over)

If you are looking for a very honest portrayal of the struggle American citizens faced during the sixties, I would highly recommend this movie as a must see for 2015. Whether in the theater or in the comfort of your home, this is not a movie to be missed. Living just 51 miles from Selma today I can honestly say, I will never think of that town as just a pass through on my way to I-20 … but as a living reminder of our nation’s rich (and yes, even troubled) history.

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Rev TJ Conwell

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