The 2016 Election

I think it is important to clear the air here.  Yes, I will be voting for Mr. Trump in November.  Why?  Because today, there is NO other candidate who is available to protect our nation from the lunacy that is proposed to be in place by the Democratic Party.

Now, with that said – allow me to be very clear on some points:  I was staunchly opposed to his candidacy in the primary, primarily due to his constant attitude that everyone else must be a filthy so-and-so, joined with some of the nastiest personal attacks I’ve ever seen from the “conservative party”, just because people disagreed with him.  Humorously, most of the same people who sought to tear him apart are now looking for a job with him … so let’s stop with the “unity” nonsense chants while we are ahead.

I’m voting for him because his opponent is Hillary Rodham Clinton and ANY form of Clinton presidency in 2017 will result in a continued degradation, and I believe a further undoing, of our nation’s trajectory and storied history.  She is a lying, conniving, manipulating criminal who not only believes she is above the law, but who has no moral compass and cannot be elevated to the presidency of this great Republic.

Yet, even with that said … I am not, and will not, jump on the “Trump train”.  I recognize the train is there.  Yes, I see that it is taking passengers.  I also recognize that it looks like a huge party (and lots of fun) on board.  But, while it is tempting to just join in, I am perfectly happy traveling alongside the train because I will arrive at the same destination, eventually.  November 8th is coming, and we will all be at the polling place on that day – I am just going to drive my own vehicle there and will not be pressured into falling in line with where a party that I have loved since 1984 is currently at today.  Thanks for reading.

PS:  Hat tip to a great article from “Chicks on the Right” who helped me formulate my thoughts into this post. 


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