Responding Faithfully with Praise

God calls us to a life of praise, even when the challenges of our world continue to press in on us and make this very difficult. Our challenge today is: Will we respond with praise and draw strength from God, despite all that we are dealing with? Jesus showed us how to praise, and in His life we have a clear roadmap of how to live!


Topical Preaching

Over the years, many people have asked me about topical preaching, or preaching the latest trend or news event, and why I don’t routinely (if ever) do it. Well, here’s my response: I think it’s a cop out and puts too much reliance on “what’s happening in the world” than on where our focus should be: Jesus.

Now hear me out for a moment. I’m sure topical preaching has its place, and is valid in some instances. But, as I’ve studied and prepared sermons for over 23 years now, one consistent fact has always drawn me away from topical preaching and it’s this: When I have to take apart an entire text using an expository format, I’m forced to deal with all of it instead of being able to pick and choose the verses I like, which can lead to a skewed opinion on the topic, which everyone already has.

Scripture is meant to change us to be like God, not to move us to being more relevant to the world. Thus, when you focus solely on God, and the intent of scripture to include its instruction, correction, or encouragement, you cease to rely on sound bytes of information and instead soak in the glory of God through the entire word of God.

God bless you friends, and leaders, who will preach this weekend. Stay humble, stay focused, and let your heart break for sin as you draw (and pull others with you) closer to Christ.