Refugees and our Christian duty

Does the Bible give any indication as to our responsibilities with regard to the refugees from overseas? Actually — it DOES! 1 Tim 5:8 says, “Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”


Consider for a moment the amount of people in this nation who are homeless … or let’s get personal … how many in our families have real needs (not wants motivated by greed, but real, genuine needs) and are going without right now? If we are truly Christians, how can we extend hands of grace to everyone else and ignore our own?   So, to all the arm-chair quarterbacks in our nation telling us how we should behave I have one simple question … if we REFUSE to take care of our very own (to do nothing and ignore them is to refuse them), how are we measuring up on the supposed “charitable” scale then?


To quote a former parishioner of mine: “Better sweep up your own porch before you try to clean someone else’s.”



Transition Day

Very bitter sweet day today.  Finished out a major inspection for our company to gain our EHNAC accreditation … and it is also my last day with Alpha II (aka Unicor Medical).  I will definitely miss those who I’ve come to respect and cherish as friends here.  On the other hand … I am really excited and looking forward to the challenges ahead of me as I start my new job with the Cerner Corporation (working at Baptist South Hospital) this coming Monday!!  God is so good … and I’m grateful for His faithfulness as I transition from one job to another!!