Give your gifts to Oblah-blah?

I’m sorry, but no matter how hard I try … I just cannot stop laughing at this suggestion.

Can you just hear it now? Millions of parents all over America are saying, “No Timmy, we cannot get that new bike for your birthday … instead, we are going to donate to the Obama/Biden campaign instead.” (HAHAHA)

The real hilarity is that it’s not even a parody … it’s actually on his website!!  LOL!!  Mr. Oblah-blah … get out of the people’s White House.  It’s obvious you do NOT belong there.  

Obama policy shift on Immigration – Argues with Reporter

Question:  “Why do you favor foreigners over Americans?”  

In my humble opinion, that is a fair, straight forward, and perfectly timed question in relation to this POLICY CHANGE on immigration made by the Obama Administration.  So, what was Mr. Obama’s response?  Rebuke (fair enough, the reporter did ask the question too early), but then later … Obama DODGES it, and then walks away without ever really answering it.

Mr. Obama argues with Reporter

And for those wondering about Neil Munro’s thoughts on this exchange (he is the reporter who asked the question), you can see his response below.  He is a very quiet man who makes an important statement stressing that HE is not the story, but the policy shift and its affect on Americans is.  Well done, Mr. Munro. 

Neil Munro Response

The full video is here for those who’d like to see it …. and as you can see, other than saying “It’s the right thing to do” (which is like a parent saying “because I told you so” … he really doesn’t answer this citizen’s question.

Full Speech

Mr. Obama, unemployment is over 8.2% right now — do you think you might be making this policy shift to win votes?

Are you expecting us to NOT notice?  Hmmmm …