Time to breathe?

Well, lots to talk about but just not sure where to begin. I am going to just be honest here so bear with me ….. I am just about at my wits end with all the nonsense going on around me.

Between dealing with needless drama, to a workload that is wearing me out, to the continual church stuff, to school requirements that would make anyone wring their hands, and to everything else that is in between I wonder when something is going to stop and I am going to be able to just breathe. I’ve heard many people say that they “need a vacation”, and I am beginning to think that they may really be onto something there. To need a vacation is to have a condition requiring relief to acquiring a break from the norm; to move away from the junk and allow oneself to simply breathe. I realized this morning that it has been almost 4 years since I have had a vacation. To me, I am wondering when this is going to happen or when I am going to find the time to do so.

One day? Maybe.


Wedding in Wichita Falls!

Well, here I am back “home” in Wichita Falls, TX — and let’s just say this has been a great trip so far. I am here to officiate a wedding for my “spiritual Dad’s”, Jimmy, 2nd eldest daughter, Megan (marrying a great guy named Mike); and when I say I “home” I mean that this is the place where my ministry began, in the same church that I was licensed to the Gospel. My family and I were here last year for Jimmy’s eldest daughter’s wedding, Kevy (who married Denny), but this time I had to come alone since I am headed to Los Angeles tomorrow for work. :-(

Anyway, this town has always felt like home to me, and it is like a spiritual refreshing for me to be here and to be around those whose love for me and my family is beyond reproach.

Last night, we had the wedding rehearsal and praise the Lord everything went off perfectly. This afternoon is the wedding (at 4pm) and to be honest I simply cannot wait. I must mention though, that last night Mike and Megan (who are AVID Dallas Stars fans — booooo — haha) got me a gift that is beyond words.

They got me a Pittsburgh Penguin jersey of my favorite player, Mark Andre Fleury as well as a Penguin ballcap. I was speechless … seriously, without words to comprehend this gift they would get for me. My heart was just filled with emotion, and to me this was just amazing and beyond words — I could barely get “thank you” out of my mouth …. I was that blown away.

Anyway, just a short update of what’s going on here — God bless you all.
And oh yeah … GO PENS!