How does Hillary get Elected?

OK, so I am not a prophet or anything (nor would I ever claim to be), but mark this down as my prediction for the lead-up to the 2016 presidential race.

The question strategists will be asking for the next several weeks/months from now will be, “How does Hillary Clinton get elected?” The answer is simple, even though it could appear complicated. Personally, I feel it is a simple two-part answer.

First, she has to (read: MUST) distance herself from Barack Obama. (This is obvious.)

This can be done simply by:

1. Never mentioning his name in her speeches,

2. Never giving him any credit/credence for accomplishments, and/or

3. Ensuring that every decision she made, while serving as the Secretary of State, is blamed on him and his administration and that she was merely a pawn in his game to “dismantle America” (or however she’d like to sum up his failures in one repeatable, memorable, phrase).

She MUST point to him as a proven failure, and claim that she was virtually trapped and only able to do what she could to maintain. Why? Because she could not possibly take a stand against the “most powerful man in the country”. (Cue the victim card: “Oh poor me, I could only do so much …”)

This leads us to an important question of answering the “how” … and is part #2.

The answer is simple: William Jefferson Clinton.

Mr. Clinton is not only her husband, but he considered today to be the “savior of the democratic party”. His political (and I will admit, savvy beyond even the levels of tolerable nausea) attack of Barack Obama will be systematic, deliberate, and without pause if/once he starts. It will not be cloaked in deception or political maneuvering (since most of America would never catch on to this) because he HAS to be direct). For example, his comments about “America’s current position/status/etc.” could contain the following “innocent Clintonesque observations” inserted anywhere into the news-cycle, beginning today:

1. “He never calls anyone for advice but instead makes all decisions on his own wisdom.”
(Implication: He’s a bad leader that doesn’t know how to get advice from others.)

2. “His ability to lead is self-evident in the failure of policies, especially our foreign policies.”
(Implication: America’s failures in the world and with its citizens are solely his.)

3. “There has never been a time in the past 6 years when I’ve been so confused about what the White House is doing, and I think it is time we return to when things were running properly.”
(Implication: Remember how good things were in the 90s? Jobs? Economy? Me? Well, they can be once again!)

All of these (and admittedly dozens of other possible comments) lead him to point to Barack Obama as a failed president and implying that things CAN BE better but only IF Hillary (and by proxy him) were in charge and back in the White House.

Let’s remember this is not only Mrs. Hillary Clinton … but he is the 42nd President of these great United States whose capital (even with the proven facts of him being a proven adulterous liar) appears to have no limits. (Oh, how quickly we’ve forgotten that part … eh America?)

Mark my words friends … it is so simple even I can see it.

God have mercy on us as we continue to drift farther and farther from sanity.