Are we Manipulating the Constitution?

So, on the topic of the president’s added gun control measures … I have only one issue that comes to mind and to me, as a Constitutional Conservative, it is a dangerous path we are heading down.  This action has less to do with protecting Americans and more about imposing preferences.  Bottom line:  He wants to tighten restrictions on gun sales.  (OK, fine, I get that.)

But, when you decide to supplement (or add to, further define, etc.) the language of an Amendment to the Constitution by executive action, does that mean that other Amendments can be augmented as well?  For example:

  1. How about we prevent people from attending a church of their choice by firming up the language in the First Amendment so it defines exactly which church they can go to?
  2. Or, let’s say that the Fourth Amendment is a little too weak and we should allow for searches and seizures without a warrant … just because someone may be a little unstable and even more so if they have been accused of a crime in the past?
  3. Or, perhaps, we should make giving testimony against oneself compulsory, and disregard the Fifth Amendment? This would certainly make trials a whole lot speedier.
  4. Or my favorite, let’s automatically set everyone’s bail (for any crime) to $12 million just to ensure that no “alleged bad people” are free, and thus this will help strengthen the Eighth Amendment?

We are on a dangerous and slippery trend friends … and this particular slope invites tyranny to become the norm.  And for those who just don’t think it can happen here, I ask, “Why not?”  America (you and I) just allowed it to happen to the Second Amendment.  So, what’s next?



Obama and his gun control efforts

Just listened to the President scold our nation, again.

So, he now has 23 Executive Orders he is implementing … not 19 which were reported is all VP Biden offered. He has demanded stiffer background checks to purchase firearms and a 10-round limit on magazines (I wonder how many rounds a standard Secret Service weapon has) … among other things that he didn’t mention to this obvious crowd of supporters.

I wonder, will the President enforce criminals to use these new, tougher background checks? Will we stop guns and the trafficking of guns to countries like Mexico? (If so, will he prosecute Eric Holder for The Fast and the Furious?) Will he hold Mayor Rahm Emmanuel responsible for the poor leadership in his own home town of Chicago who’s already had 18+ murders by guns this year? Will we see money for better crime enforcement for police departments?

I am so sick of being lectured by this unconstitutional attention whore who calls himself a leader. My gosh, I actually need a shower now … I feel violated. May God truly help our country – we are witnessing the beginning of tyranny.