The IRS: Proving that Lying is a Way of Life

I’ve waited several days to post anything on this just because I cannot believe what was said … so in all fairness I wanted to give these folks the benefit of the doubt and perhaps even, time to retract. It hasn’t happened … so they’ve earned this rant:

I’ve been working professionally in the Information Technology field for 24 years, both within the federal government and in the civilian sector. I’ve earned three degrees in this field to include a Masters degree and was even accepted into a doctoral program (for which I delayed pursuing for personal reasons). I would put my experience and knowledge in this field against ANYONE who actually stands by this nonsense as factual and would summarily, destroy their reasoning.

With that said, for the federal government to REMOTELY think that their excuse of “… a computer crash has caused all of Lois Lerner’s e-mails between 2009 and 2011 to be lost” is not only hysterical … but it IS the most insulting response I’ve heard from the administration to date. (My gosh, their lunacy really knows NO bounds, does it?) FACT: E-Mails, even when deleted from your computer, are NEVER “gone” and unrecoverable. Everything you’ve ever sent resides on a server, somewhere — I guarantee it. If a copy is not on the server that SENT the e-mail … it IS on the server that RECEIVED the e-mail. And please, let’s talk about back-up procedures, shall we? If there is one thing the federal government does, it is BACKUP everything, MULTIPLE times, and in multiple locations.

So, from TJ Conwell to the president and his administration an the IRS employees who stand by yet another attempt to cover their posteriors … I say (and feel free to quote me), “Shame on you. Your credibility is as worthless as the paper your speeches are printed on. Get over yourselves and stop thinking all Americans are stupid … we aren’t.” (Rant over.)

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