It isn’t about guns …

The United States of America already has universal background checks (we have for decades), and we already have laws that prevent the sale of firearms to people who do not pass them. As heart breaking as the events of last week are, we do not have a gun problem. Rather, we have generation (or two) displaying the results of poor parenting – which has bred a basic lack of morality of sinful rebellion – which cannot be legislated.

Want to stop the rampant evil going on in our country? Get back to honoring God, let parents (and grandparents) and even schools discipline children, and stop blaming everyone else for what you can control & change. We are in this together, and it’s WELL past time that those in my generation (and older) get a grip on this nation before it’s too late.


Obama and his gun control efforts

Just listened to the President scold our nation, again.

So, he now has 23 Executive Orders he is implementing … not 19 which were reported is all VP Biden offered. He has demanded stiffer background checks to purchase firearms and a 10-round limit on magazines (I wonder how many rounds a standard Secret Service weapon has) … among other things that he didn’t mention to this obvious crowd of supporters.

I wonder, will the President enforce criminals to use these new, tougher background checks? Will we stop guns and the trafficking of guns to countries like Mexico? (If so, will he prosecute Eric Holder for The Fast and the Furious?) Will he hold Mayor Rahm Emmanuel responsible for the poor leadership in his own home town of Chicago who’s already had 18+ murders by guns this year? Will we see money for better crime enforcement for police departments?

I am so sick of being lectured by this unconstitutional attention whore who calls himself a leader. My gosh, I actually need a shower now … I feel violated. May God truly help our country – we are witnessing the beginning of tyranny.