It isn’t about guns …

The United States of America already has universal background checks (we have for decades), and we already have laws that prevent the sale of firearms to people who do not pass them. As heart breaking as the events of last week are, we do not have a gun problem. Rather, we have generation (or two) displaying the results of poor parenting – which has bred a basic lack of morality of sinful rebellion – which cannot be legislated.

Want to stop the rampant evil going on in our country? Get back to honoring God, let parents (and grandparents) and even schools discipline children, and stop blaming everyone else for what you can control & change. We are in this together, and it’s WELL past time that those in my generation (and older) get a grip on this nation before it’s too late.


We all sin (so, stop judging one another)


I am a staff writer for the website, and several weeks ago I received a question that I wanted to share as well as the answer that I provided. The question has to do with “Christian leaders’ confession to sexual immorality” and I believe it is VERY IMPORTANT for believers to realize that we sin as well, and must not sit in judgment of one another.  May God bless you as you continue to provide hope to those you are a witness to!

Question:  We are seeing Christian leaders confessing to multiple sexual sins (with different people throughout the years). Can a person be truly saved and commit fornication/adultery five or ten times throughout a thirty year span?

Answer:  Thank you for writing to us.  I think in answering this best, we have to ask ourselves a partner question:  “Don’t we continue to sin as well?”  God does not look at one person’s sin as being greater than another’s, and so we must ensure we do not set ourselves up as spiritual giants thinking we can look down on the sin of others.  The Bible tells us very clearly that we must not do that (see Matthew 7:1, Luke 6:37, and James 5:9), and so that needs to be said.

While Paul is very clear that we should not continue to sin even though we have grace (see Romans 6:1), we still (in fact) DO sin because we are sinful creatures.  This is why we need to have God’s grace applied to our lives and why we need to ensure that we exalt Christ, and not other men and women, so that when they do sin we can see their (and our) need for Christ’s grace and pray for them — instead of sitting over them in a form of legalistic judgment.  God has called us to walk alongside one another (see Galatians 6:1-3) and this is how we should live daily. 

These men (and women I should add) while they might not serve as leaders once their sin is dealt with, still need God’s grace the same as you and I do, and we must be willing to come alongside them in love.  The key to grace is restoration, not judgment and casting out (unless repentance is not willing to be demonstrated) — and even then we should continue to reach them.  Jesus taught about the farmer leaving the 99 sheep to rescue the one (see Luke 15:4) and we must be willing to exemplify and live this. 

As I asked in the beginning, we all have our favorite sins that others would consider greater than theirs, and we need to keep this in mind while literally doing life alongside one another.  God bless you.  ~ Rev TJ