October 11, 2009 – Challenging the Church

This morning we had a wonderful church service where there was a presentation of the Great Commission in a way that was straight forward; without a show or humorous story behind it to water it down. This morning, I saw challenges … reconciliation … forgiveness …. and honesty actually demonstrated IN the church. To me, I cannot think of any four things that are MORE relevant to be shown in the church, especially since we are commanded to draw closer to one another as we draw closer to Christ. So, with that some questions came to mind during the drive home today.

– Why do members who simply “attend church” seem to miss these VERY simple things?

– Why is there not more honesty and working with one another for the common purpose (which is to evangelize and make disciples) vice tearing each other apart or being completely fake with one another?

– Why does the song “Stained Glass Masquerade” (by Casting Crowns) so clearly define the norm in churches today and not the exception?

– I wonder if the Apostle Paul could visit our churches today what type of letter would the Lord lead HIM to write?

And so I will say this for the record: Thank you Lord, for leading us to a church where we felt FREE to come home, and that homecoming has led us to be welcomed and challenged to dive back into ministry. I thank you for your continued challenge through the Word, and I ask you to continue whipping our butts and molding us into who YOU want us to be, and not who we THINK we should be.


One thought on “October 11, 2009 – Challenging the Church

  1. The other night VOTA opened up for BarlowGirl at the concert. They played one of their songs I'd never heard before, call 'Honestly', and it was so good. Really blessed me. I crave being around people who are open and honest. I'm so sick of the pretending and the show that people put on. I long for people to catch the freedom in it! Not everyone gets me or likes me, but since I've become more transparent (with myself, God, and others) I'm a much happier person.

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