How bold can you be?

My Pastor, Bro J.B. Burt, spent some time a number of years ago with Miss Bertha Smith who was a missionary to China for several decades — and probably one of the greatest heroes of the faith in my opinion (look her up sometime if you have the chance). At our staff dinner, he was telling us of a story that happened to him one day while he was in a prayer session with her and it goes something like this …

He said that in the middle of the prayer, she said that it was time to stand up and so he thought the prayer time was over. But, out of curiousity he asked why they were standing and this was her answer:

“Well, now we’re going to talk to the devil, and the devil will never see me talk to him on my knees … so I stand up when I rebuke him in prayer.”

Wow. I mean … WOW!!!!!!

Think about the implications of that faith!!!!! Think about the simple act of faith in standing up to the evil one himself and showing him that you shall not bow down to him in prayer. Imagine if more believers caught hold of that and decided that they would take a solid stand for Christ; and that nothing in this world would cause them to bend their knee EXCEPT in the presence of a Holy and Sanctified God?

How much of an impact could we have on our own lives if we were that bold? How amazing would it be to see our own prayer lives transformed in such a way that we were that intimate with the Father, so that we could boldly tell the “father of lies” that he has NO authority and NO power in our lives!?!

Wow … just wow.


One thought on “How bold can you be?

  1. I've had to read this twice over the past two days to really think about what you've said. Wow about describes it. To remember that kneeling at the feet of our father is a tremendous privilege, and that we are afforded that only by a tremendous sacrifice. Kneeling, even in act or deed, to anything or anyone else, would simply be unacceptable because nothing deserves that place in our lives other then the one who saved us.

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