Encouraging Note – 7 Dec 2010

Zechariah had doubts about God’s promises, and so God had to use silencing him in order to bring him to a place of understanding and full-reliance on God. What Zechariah had to grasp was to admit that God calls EACH of us to a place of submission, and to have complete faith that when God promises … God delivers. When John was born and Zechariah confirmed his name, his speech was returned and he glorified God in his life. The challenge for us is: When God speaks into your life, do you claim His promise or do you doubt and seek to rationalize what He has said? What if God had to silence you in order to get your attention? This week, could we not grab hold of the promise of Christ, and be willing to spread it freely throughout the world? I pray that we would be so bold! In Christ’s love, Bro TJ

Posted in God

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