Get busy teaching!

This afternoon we witnessed the wedding of one of Chris’s high school friends and it really got us thinking … “We are turning older, aren’t we?” Now, I know it is an inevitable thing that our children grow up and get married, but sitting in that sanctuary today it became very obvious that the time was growing closer to watching my own son get married and well, it touched me a little. In some ways I am anxious to see that day happen, but in other ways I’d love to have some more time with my little boy whom I’ve watched grow up into a young man that I could not be more proud of.

In less than three weeks he and I will part of No Greater Love Ministries heading to Mississippi, Lousiana, and eventually into New Orleans to witness on the streets during Mardi Gras. This is my 10th year with this ministry and every trip is for me life changing; but to see my son on the streets (this is his fourth year) passing tracts, street marching, dressing as a clown, and talking to perfect strangers about Jesus really is a sight to make my heart swell. His witness for the Lord is strong, and without being foreboding he is able to look people in the eyes and tell them Jesus loves them. Now you tell me: As a parent could there be any stronger legacy that I could leave behind?

A few weeks ago during discipleship training I got to thinking about this and used Chris as a perfect example of Titus 2 which instructs believers to train those younger them to be servants and leaders in the faith. So, while trying not to ramble you are probably wondering what am I getting at here? Well ……. here it is: Parents, we need to take the time we have now to teach our kids to be witnesses and to know when to take a stand for their Faith! The time we have to raise them is so short in the grand scheme of things, and we need to know how to witness to them, and show them through our own lives how to share the Gospel and witness for the Lord.

I believe, there is nothing more important that we can teach them … then to share the love of Jesus Christ with those in their own circles. So, are we doing that parents? Prayerfully, we are – for without our involvement in our kids lives they will look for affirmation and direction wherever they can get it – and some sources available to them are NOT exalting Jesus Christ. Think about it, pray on it, and then I challenge you to get to teaching your kids! Time is short folks, their wedding day is coming.

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”
– Proverbs 22:6

One thought on “Get busy teaching!

  1. I have always called my son "little man", and someone once asked me why I do that. I told them it was so that I will always be reminded that I am raising a man, not a little boy, and that is what God expects of me. It makes you react differently, speak differently, and answer questions differently when you remember that.This is true in all we teach him. Including how he handles his faith. We have always answered his questions with honesty and truthfulness, even if it meant telling a 4 year old that hell was real. Answering "yes" when a 6 year old asked if his unbelieving family members would go there. Then defending his right in school to share his faith when he was discouraged by others to do so. We as parents must always consider that our actions will teach our sons how to handle their faith when they are men. Will we teach them half truths and bending to others, or standing firm on the entirety of God's Word?

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