4th of July

I wanted to share the “Pastor’s Note” that was posted in our bulletin this morning. May God bless our Nation, and may God bless each of you as you seek to pray for our great land.

Pastor’s Note

America. A land that we love to say that we are from, and a nation filled with a historic past that spans more than 234 years. Throughout all of history, we have seen many successes and even failures that have been opportunities to learn and grow spiritually. Our challenge today is to look for ways to share the Gospel with everyone we come across; understanding that the only way our Nation will ever return to God is if we, the church, will show Him to others. Will we be as proud of our county as we are of our Lord? Prayerfully, we will strive to do that and much more. God bless you. – Bro TJ


Your thoughts?

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