Struggling Finances and Church Giving

Many know that I am a staff writer for the website, and earlier this week I received a question that I wanted to share as well as the answer that I provided.  Financial situations are facing all of us and I think this was an excellent question to ponder on and consider how we should respond to the Lord during this time.  God bless you!


America is going through financial difficulty with the fiscal cliff looming in our vision. What should the church’s stance be concerning this situation? What does the Bible say about our position in crises such as these?


Thank you for writing to us. The church’s stance on financial responsibility must be the same as it was before this national debt crisis, before the United States of America was founded, and before the giving of Law to Moses. Simply stated, the church’s stance must be to remain faithful to the Word of God, period.

It is when believer’s begin to think that God needs us to change to “help him overcome” that we enter into very dangerous waters.

The Bible is clear on financial responsibility in the church, and from believers, and we must stay the course. We must be responsible in our decision making (for example, a church that has 20 people coming regularly shouldn’t decide that this is the best month to take out a loan from the bank and build a new sanctuary) but we mustn’t back away from the instructions on tithing and being good stewards with our money.  God’s Word remains the constant even in these troubling times and we must be faithful to Him!

God bless you.

~ Rev TJ Conwell



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