Pray and Invite

Inviting people to experience your church this holiday season is always a daunting task.  Here are three simple prayers that everyone can use to help us to get over the challenge (and sometimes the fear) of inviting people to come to church.

Pray for Divine appointments

Everything we do must begin with prayer.  We should ask God to help us cross paths with others that we might have a chance to show them what our church is about.  The church ought to be a safe place for all and not a museum filled with dusty exhibits.  This Christmas season, will you ask God who you might be able to speak with and then be bold enough to follow through?   

Pray for grace to be demonstrated

Everyone we know deserves grace in one form or another.  Whether it means forgiveness, love, mercy, or even moving past a wrong that was done … we are all called to be grace-filled and extend the same to those around us.  Many people are hurting during this season, and to be the church we must show them they are loved, accepted, and that they can feel safe to be themselves.  After all, Jesus came to rescue you, so why not extend the same to someone else?

Pray for invitations to be given

To be the church, we must accept that it is our charge (and privilege) to invite people to experience what you have received.  The simplest fact is, at one time, someone invited you – and this holiday season is a wonderful opportunity to invite someone else to come experience your church.  If we won’t invite others, what does that say about how feel about where you worship?  The truth is that most people are just waiting for the invite … don’t miss it!  

I’m praying that this holiday season will be a new beginning for many to willingly step out and show our family, our friends, and even a few strangers that Jesus is REAL, and that you want them to know Him also.  Be the church, friends, it IS our calling. 

God bless you!  


Your thoughts?

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