Who do you listen too?

Just a thought to consider this morning:

When we go to the doctor, and he/she tells us that we need to change our lifestyle immediately else we will die, have you ever noticed how fast we go home, clear out the pantry, buy an exercise bike, and quit smoking so that we won’t have to hear those words again? But, when the Holy Spirit speaks to us and tell us to change our ways all of a sudden we become deaf and act like it’s not meant for us.

So, who’s voice are you listening too? Whichever one it is, that is the one that is more important to you. If you believe it you are living it … If you don’t live it, you don’t believe it.

Think about it.


One thought on “Who do you listen too?

  1. So true. You have such a gift for speaking the truth in a powerful way! We each need to be sure every day that we are listening to the one we intend to, then obeying what He is saying. Thanks TJ for never being afraid to use the gift He has given you.

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